We’re Gonna Talk About It Podcast
Episode 15: The Reset Button

New year, new you?  


But what if you shrugged off the traditional pressures of the “New Year’s Resolutions”? Recent studies show that one half to three quarters of Americans who make New Year’s resolutions only manage to keep some of them, or outright break them, leading to feelings of failure and depression. 

Frankly, “We’re Gonna Talk About It” thinks you don’t need more to feel bad about, and neither do we! Instead, there are alternatives to resolutions that are achievable and even fun! 

Being real and honest about your goals and the realities of achieving them is healthy! The last couple of years were trying for everyone and “We’re Gonna Talk About It” wants you to know that whatever YOU are doing to take care of yourself and those you love is more than enough without putting additional pressures on yourself! 

However,  if you ARE embarking on something new that you hope will make positive changes for YOU, we are HERE FOR IT!!! And, yes, we believe in YOU! 

Thank you for joining the journey and welcome in the new year with joy, love and kindness wherever you find it. 

Blessings and abundance, from the “We’re Gonna Talk About It” team, and your hosts, Buffie and Carolyn.