We’re Gonna Talk About It Podcast
Episode 23: Taking back the funeral industry-Women and the business of death

Hosts Buffie & Carolyn of the We’re Gonna Talk About It podcast discuss women in the death and funeral industry. This includes the history of women taking charge, what happened to switch to a male dominated field, and why women are once again dominating the industry. Over 65% of graduates from university mortuary programs are women. While these numbers are impressive, a lot of skepticism and sexism block women from moving up in the profession. Many industry experts believe however, that women are the future of funerals (see what I did there?)

Joined by guest Angela Woosley, owner of the Midwest’s first woman-owned and client-centered natural death care provider called Inspired Journeys.

Carolyn also interviews Buffie about Rock What You Got’s latest offering, Love Letters Films. Love Letters Films helps funeral homes stand out above the rest with broadcast-quality livestreaming and documentaries of life.


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