Leveraging Stage & Story
to Drive Gender Equity


Impact & Business 

Comedian at Pay Gap Comedy series

The Impact

The Rock What You Got Fund is a 501c3 nonprofit that activates social change around the continued gendered challenges in society. By combining education and entertainment, change is created using live events and through studio production projects. Programs include mentorship, community space, and outreach

Cyc wall at Rockstroria Studios with pink accent lights.

The Business

Rockstoria Studios™ is on the scene for your creative needs. Featuring video production and studio rental space that is conveniently located in the midway area of St. Paul, MN. Snazzy style designed with women in mind, legit amenities, FREE abundant parking, and crew assistance if you need it.

Rock What You Got™

2327 Wycliff St. Suite 340
St. Paul, MN 55114

(612) 351 8180 hello@rockwhatyougotlive.com