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Episode 21: Play Like A Girl, Women in Sports

This summer, movie fans will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the beloved baseball film, “A League of Their Own”. Ostensibly a come-from-behind underdog story about the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, (AAGPBL) who saved professional baseball in the U.S. (while mainly men were expected to be overseas fighting in WW2) the film lovingly tells the (fictionalized) stories of women who often came from humble means, some with limited education, to have the adventure of a lifetime playing professional baseball.  

The podcast could talk all day about the real-life team from Minnesota, the Millerettes (and their contribution to inspiring the movie), but this episode is going to try to cover as much as it can to amplify women in sports, and why they deserve the same or more money and respect that their male counterparts enjoy. In fact, women in sports are anything but lightweights. Yet, maybe unsurprisingly, these athletes are still woefully underpaid, sometimes to the tune of earning as much as one hundred percent less than their male counterparts. Yes, you read that right, as much as one hundred percent less. 

Kind of calls for a big WTF, right? 

This episode celebrates all things that are WOMEN IN SPORTS! From some early trailblazers, to the fiftieth anniversary of Title 9, to remarkable teams that continue to amass victories surpassing their male counterparts. Teams like the U.S. Women’s Soccer team who finally won their bid for pay equity (and who have a much more impressive winning streak than their male counterparts, the women also bring in much more annual revenue while the men’s almost always loses money.
Equal Pay and Women’s Soccer – HR Daily Advisor (blr.com) 

On that note, welcome Minnesota’s newest female sports team, The Minnesota Aurora who are about to bring you big time soccer vibes! This community owned team is making history and we get to talk with team president, Andrea Yoch. The Aurora’s inaugural season starts just after this episode drops, so you still have time to get to know your newest favorite team!
Minnesota Aurora FC: Women-Led, Community Owned Soccer (mnaurora.com) 

What else can YOU do to support women in sports, and pay equality? The easiest is to simply become a supporter! Buy tickets, attend games, purchase merchandise and let everyone know that you’re a FAN!  Another easy thing is to support community owned teams! The MN Aurora website is full of great info. 


As always, let us know what you think at Hello@rockwhatyougot.com and as always, thanks for listening! 



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