Has a single puzzle piece ever driven you crazy? What does a puzzle have to do with how Rock What You Got is an anthem call to be yourself? Hear me out. You are doing a 2000-piece puzzle. You’ve got the border laid out, you’re sorting pieces into piles by color, and you’re in the middle of assembling a face when it happens. One unique piece is missing. It’s a piece that would bring everything together. Maybe it’s an eye or the corner of some brightly colored lips. Either way, it should be easy to spot, right?

Searching for the Missing Piece

You look for what feels like ages. Your neck and shoulders start to ache from crouching over. Likely, you should move on and the piece will turn up eventually, but now you can’t let it go! Twenty minutes go by and you’ve sorted through piles of pieces with no luck. By the time you slouch back into your chair, defeated, you’re questioning why anyone enjoys puzzling at all. That’s when you see it. The piece you’ve been searching for! It was right there in front of you the whole time.

It is easy to get SO caught up in the idea that your missing piece is somewhere out there in the unsorted piles that you forget to consider the pieces you already have. I have learned this lesson time and time again while puzzling. Honestly, it would do me good to learn it a few more times. Still, it is a nice reminder of how often the little things reflect the big things.

An Anthem Call to Be Yourself

Like in the real world, we can get caught up in the idea that an important piece of ourselves is missing. Maybe it’s a piece that we feel will bring everything together. It could be self-love, confidence, strength, positivity, support, happiness, body acceptance, you name it. We are so often fed a message that we are not enough. That there’s something more out there we need to buy, or do, or be.

Whatever piece you’re searching for, “Rock What You Got” is a reminder that you’re not missing or lacking in any way. Of course, there’s always room for self-improvement. Those other piles of puzzle pieces have their part to play too. If you’ve ever done a puzzle, you’ll know that once you find that one missing piece, all at once, a bunch of other pieces magically fall into place too. Rock what you got is an anthem call to be yourself and acknowledge that you are enough, as you are, right now, in this moment.