We’re Gonna talk about it Podcast
Episode 9: In the Name of Pride

Gender pronouns and LGBTQIA+, what does it all mean and how can allies do better? There is emotional labor that LGBTQIA+ go through every day to make others feel better or to mask their own emotional needs in order to not upset others. That emotional labor within LGBTQIA+ and persons of color as well as people with disabilities expend to be “acceptable” is exhausting and frustrating. We’re Gonna Talk About It Podcast Episode 9: In the Name of Pride, delivers a 2 part episode that discusses “Allyship 101”. Guest Emma VanVactor Lee, Educator, answers some of the basic questions and terminology on the journey to be better friends and allies to the LGBTQAI+ community (including what some of those letters stand for!) You can support and tip Emma (Instagram: @emmavanvactorlee) for this educational podcast episode on Venmo at @emmavvl or PayPal @emmavvl95. Visit pinkmantaray.com for learn more on Allyship or to donate, or follow Schuyler Bailar on Instagram: @pinkmantaray.

It’s been an eventful summer so far and it’s time to celebrate the glittery fabulousness that is the Twin Cities Pride! The Rock What You Got production crew is producing the Twin Cities Pride 2021 Grand Marshal MASKqueerade event on July 8, 2021. Come for awards, music, dance, drinks, drag, and most importantly, to fundraise for Twin Cities Pride. Don’t forget your tickets to the incredible show.

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