We’re Gonna talk about it Podcast
Episode 2: Friendships broken

Friend breakups hit a little different from romantic breakups. The last podcast episode on Galentine’s considers the “pretty” side of friendships, and now we discuss the ugly… broken friendships. Sometimes we lose friends because of life’s consequences and other times it happens organically… which is okay! As a result, we sometimes question our worth, and if any of the relationship was genuine. It’s equally important to reevaluate the friendships that last and the friendships that pass. Besides this, we must also reevaluate ourselves. You may ask yourself “How and why do friendships fail?” Furthermore, how do we move on from them and accept reality?

With these questions in mind, our guest, Dr. Marisa G. Franco lays it out on the floor for us. We found out that on average, we lose half of our friends every 7 years. Tune into our episode to discover multiple dropped gems from Dr. Franco where she gives us the deal on platonic friendships, the organic breakups and loss, and staying true to yourself.

Learning to accept change is vital, however we must always continue to work on self-improvement and self-love!

Guest Spotlight: 

Dr. Marisa G. Franco is a psychologist and friend expert that has done extensive research on this topic. In fact, she is currently working on a book titled ‘Platonic’ that will be coming out in the near future. We’re truly lucky to have her as a guest on this episode to hear a bit of what she has planned for the book. For now, you can check out her blog to learn more and apply these findings to your life. 

Next, you can take her friendship assessment to find out what kind of friend you are and what qualities to work on, in addition to how to improve them.

But most importantly, we want to hear from you! Let us know in the comments down below what you’ve learned from friend breakups in the past. Additionally, let us know your best qualities as a friend, and what qualities you plan to work on.

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Stay tuned for our next episode of ‘We’re Gonna Talk About It’.

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