We’re Gonna Talk About It Podcast
Episode 16: The New “F” Word: Do You Call Yourself a Feminist?


This topic is a BIG ONE, Feminism! Specifically, feminism in America. It took two episodes to just scratch the surface of all of the things we wanted to cover, and it’s far from a complete overview, but it’s a start. 

This episode, part one, delves into a brief history of feminist movements in America starting roughly with the Senaca Falls convention in 1848 and finishes pondering if there is indeed a fourth or even fifth wave coming to us and what that means for the future of the movement. 

We also talk about our own personal histories and feminist journeys, and wonder loudly and proudly on why some people who support equality for women refuse to identify as “feminist” and what the alternatives could, should, (or should not) be. 

What does YOUR feminist journey look like? Are you an admirer of the great bell hooks like we are? Get to Know bell hooks – The bell hooks center (berea.edu) Biography of bell hooks, Feminist Scholar (thoughtco.com) 

Or, did you catch this awesome interview with Zendaya where she talks about intersectional feminism? Zendaya – Feminism, Damsels in Distress and Advice for younger women – YouTube 


Or, maybe you are one of the forty percent of American women who don’t identify as feminist. These episodes ask questions like, “Why DON’T you identify as a feminist?” and “When did you know that you definitely WERE a feminist?” How has the movement changed, and how can it be more inclusional and intersectional? Does American Feminism need a re-boot?

Listen this week for a brief history, and get all up in part 2 for actions and new takes on an old idea. As always, share your story with us by messaging hello@rockwhatyougot.com. It goes without saying, but we will anyway, we can’t do this without YOU. Thanks for listening!