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Body Image Part 3: Death to Diets

What does it mean when we say, or, actually when we SCREAM, “Death to Diets”? It definitely does NOT mean we are against sensible, balanced eating, or food habits based in religious or cultural roots, or, what it is to be a vegan or other ethically based eating. What it means is that the multi-billion diet industry relies on people to feel uncomfortable in the bodies they have. They are counting on us to give up our money time and time again for yet another new diet based in restrictive eating or similar nonsense, that will ultimately backfire, cause us to gain the lost weight back and yes, turn around and give up more money for the next new diet. 

If restrictive eating truly worked for weight loss, you would only have to diet once. The ugly truth is, the diet industry makes a cool 72 billion dollars a year and has a 95% FAILURE RATE. 

In the third and final, (probably not, let’s face it, this is a big issue) episode dedicated to body image, the discussion talks about our struggles with the diet industry, and welcome a fabulous guest, Jillian Lampert CSO of The Emily Program. The Emily Program – A national leader in eating disorders 


Are you in a diet or health community plan that is working for you? Why does it work? What in the past have you tried that doesn’t work and why?