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Episode 3: The Bestie Bond

Bestie Bonds are in full swing! Doesn’t that sound like a super power (because it is)!? Our third episode of We’re Gonna Talk About It is extremely special because we have Buffie’s bestie, Karla Haben, and Carolyn’s bestie, Shanan Custer, with us as we turn the clock back in time. Apparently, some schools are thinking of banning the term “bestie” because of it’s potentiality of exclusion. Isn’t that insane?! 

Well, tune in to hear why Bestie Bonds between women are so incredibly powerful and needed. Buffie and Carolyn analyze your favorite celeb besties like Lucy and Ethel (I LOVE LUCY) and Rachel and Monica (FRIENDS)! The gals also share how their beautiful bonds began, their wild adventures consisting of road trips and whiskey… and something about a drunk man putting his cigarette out on an egg?! You don’t want to miss this episode!

Guest Spotlight:  Karla Haben is a mother, teacher, golfer, singer, dancer, and party-er! 

Shannan Custer is a mother and talented woman of the theater scene.

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Carolyn & Shanan

Are 2020 Events A Lost Cause? Our Survey Results Might Surprise You

Buffie & Karla

Tune in to hear about these gal pals’ crazy adventures and the journey of their lifelong bonds.

And if you’re still not convinced about the power of Bestie Bonds, check out this article on the health benefits of Female Friendships! Evidently, having and maintaining your girlfriends in your life help release more oxytocin, the bonding/love hormone! 

After giving us a listen, go ahead and leave a comment down below about your bestie and the story of how you met! We’d love to hear from you all!

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