We’re Gonna Talk About It Podcast
Episode 13: Supreme Failure

You know how you make plans, and you THINK you know what the next thing to spend your energy on…but then systemic BS like the continuing war on women and relegating basic health care goes AGAIN to the Supreme Court of the United States of America, and for F*CKS SAKE, when does this end?  

In July of 2019, the great Lindy West was on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and she had A LOT of good things to say, (as always, check her out, she’s pretty much the best… Lindy West ) and she summed up the non-sensical abortion opposition this way,

“Anti-Choice People are not trying to stop abortion, they are trying to escalate who CAN and CANNOT HAVE ABORTIONS. Because conservative politicians, their wives and mistresses and daughters are always going to be able to get an abortion somewhere. All criminalizing abortion will do is keep people trapped in poverty for generations. THAT’S THE GOAL, and if it wasn’t the goal, they would spend their time and money on comprehensive sex education, free birth control, and free contraception.”


See the interview here: Lindy West – Counteracting Dangerous Myths with “Shout Your Abortion” | The Daily Show – YouTube 


If you are in a place to be able to tell your story, feel empowered to do so, but know if you are not, it’s ok. It’s YOUR STORY TO TELL. 

Once again, legal and affordable access to abortion (which is basic health care) is being threatened, in fact, this decision could overturn Roe v. Wade! The Supreme Court case that caused us to completely change our podcast schedule is called Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.  

This is the latest assault on women’s health care. It seems never ending, especially for an issue that frankly shouldn’t be in the hands of the government at all.  

No person ever who has had this medical procedure done has done so carelessly. 1 in 4 persons who can get pregnant has had an abortion. Likely you, or someone you love. It is a fabrication of the elite conservative right deliberately designed to mis-inform and suppress the reality of what is a necessary medical procedure for many people for a million different reasons. 

This episode deals with the harsh realities of gendered, classist, and white supremacist driven movements and laws that are designed to keep persons who can get pregnant, and especially poor persons, persons of color and the LGBTQ communities without the legal means to obtain the basic healthcare they need to fulfilling lives.



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