We’re Gonna Talk About It Podcast
Episode 12: I Bet a dude made this thing

Ever wonder why so many everyday things are just a little bit (or a lot) awkward for women to use? Inventions often bypass women considerations. For instance, the microphone is designed to only properly amplify lower voices. Women often sound “shrill” when amplified. Find out why phones so big and pockets so small. And where the heck do you put your purse in the car or a public restroom? How were these basic functions missed? You’ve probably invented your own solutions. This discussion runs the gambit, and welcomes guests Tina Nguyen and Danika Hannon to talk about careers for women in STEM! (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) because innovation needs women to build forward.

Find out more about the guests: Tina Nguyễn | LinkedIn  and Danika Hannon | LinkedIndanikahannon.com 

A great article about STEM:
4 Main Reasons Why There Is a Lack of Women in STEM – Built By Me and much of the episode was inspired by this book, Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men 



Can you think of any other basic functions that could help women that were missed? What are some hacks or solutions you do personally to get by?