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Live Interactive Experience

In a world where virtual fatique is on the rise, impress your partners and surprise your guests with something refreshing. 

Rock What You Got Productions will curate a live interactive show/event that will reflect the experience, goals, and mission you are after. Keep it exclusive with a private show or stream your in-person event to reach more people from anywhere! Choose from crowd-pleasing performers in comedy, theater, and music, or select people you know to spotlight. Option to add custom box of goodies (perhaps champagne to celebrate or items from your sponsor). Connect with us for a quick 15-minute call to explore taking your event to the next level.

Your Project Can Further Gender Equity
Rock What You Got™ Productions are produced with integrity by crews of equitable representation. Hiring this crew to create your project, places value on people who are underrepresented in the entertainment and production industry. 

Quality Assurance


Stream from the studio or at your event.  High-quality sound and video to bring your guests the best experience possible. With the help of our partner, MCN6, your show will be streamed live on high definition television cameras. Plus, our backstage crew of tech experts work to prevent any technical issues.


Include everyone. Reach your guests far and wide with the ability to broadcast across the world, or keep it cozy by streaming local. In a world where virtual fatigue is on the rise, impress your partners and surprise your employees with something refreshing.


Streaming show pricing starts at $6,500 and is based on the type of performance and each performer’s level of expertise. You can build your show within your budget and even include your own speakers. The experience is built to fit your goals, mission, and needs.

Goodie Box

Optional: Enhance guest experience with a goodie box. We will send your curated  box to guests in time for the show. Boxes can include items such as gift cards for dinner, champagne for a toast, company swag, items from your sponsors, and more.


Say goodbye to traditional virtual events, because it’s time to turn up the energy! Laugh and feel lighter as you experience what it’s like to be the audience of a live studio broadcast. Think Late-Night TV Talk Show meets YOUR mission. Choose from a list of performers that can curate your companies personal touch into an experience where the audience interaction feeds the entertainment value.



  • Mary Mack
  • Mary Jo Pehl
  • Shannan Paul
  • Plus 15 more!!


  • Jearlyn & Jevetta Steele with their band
  • Lounge-asaurus Rex
  • Other local peformers. Tell us who and what genre you love and we’ll make it happen!


  • Martini & Olive
  • Loony Lutherans
  • My Funny Quarantine
  • Live From NY, He’s a Prom Date 


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