Pay Gap Festival

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Pay Gap Festival

Map & Directions

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West End Market
Minnesota State Fair
West Dan Patch Ave

Falcon Heights, MN 55113



Parking is FREE! You can park right outside the festival on any of the State Fair streets or in the back entrance parking lots. Handicap accessible parking available!

Through Back Fair Entrance:

Type “West End Market” into Google Maps or CLICK HERE. Google will direct you through the Fair’s back entrance.


Through Main Fair Entrance:

If you’re coming through the main State Fair archway on Snelling Ave, follow these directions:

Go STRAIGHT down Dan Patch Ave

Follow the LEFT curve onto Nelson St

Take a RIGHT on Carnes Ave

Take another RIGHT on Liggett St

Take a LEFT on West Dan Patch Ave.

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Ticket options

Pay Gap Comedy & Music Festival

Full Day Festival

$55 - $69
10am - 6:30pm Enjoy all the comedy & music performances throughout the day + shop with local businesses & artisans in the Festival Marketplace!

Half Day - Comedy

$35 - $45
12pm - 3pm Come for an afternoon comedy variety show + shopping in the Festival Marketplace!
Featuring headliners: Mary Mack, Mary Jo Pehl, and Miss Shannan Paul. Plus 11 other talented comedians!

Half Day - Music

$35 - $45
3:30pm - 6:30pm
 Swing by in the evening for a mixture of country & soul music + shop in the Festival Marketplace!
Featuring: Kat Perkins, Devon Worley Band, and the Steele Sisters – Jearlyn & Jevetta, accompanied by Billy Steele on the piano!

Marketplace Only

FREE - Suggested Donation
10am - 6pm
 Shop with local businesses and artisans in the Festival Marketplace!


2288 University Ave. W. Ste 206
St Paul, MN 55114 | (612) 351 8180