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Rock What You Got™ activates social change around the continued gender challenges within society. By combining education and entertainment, change is created by helping others tell their stories on stage at live events and through studio production projects.


committed to:
Fair and equitable pay

As a company that drives gender equity, it’s extremely imprortant that fair and equitable pay be provided to all team members producing Rock What You Got™ events and productions.

Diversity and Inclusivity

Diversity and inclusivity is essential to accomplishing mission. Equity cannot truly be attained without the voices and perspectives of BIPOC, non-binary, and transgender women.

We recognize that white cisgender women far too often dominate the microphone in feminist spaces. That is why we are committed to hiring and working with people of all backgrounds and perspectives.

Supporting Women and BIPOC Owned Businesses

Committed to supporting women and BIPOC owned businesses. The goal is to exclusively buy from and do business with businesses owned and operated by women and BIPOC by 2025.

Giving back to the Community

Rock What You Got™ is part of  The Minnesota Keystone Program, which promotes corporate philanthropy by recognizing and honoring companies that donate at least 2 percent of their pre-tax earnings to charitable organizations. From advocating at the State Capitol for the Minnesota ERA, to holding signs to support Planned Parenthood, this team shows up to further strength for local allies.

Additionally, Rock What You Got™ dontes to local non-profit(s). Some of those organizations have included the Second Harvest HeartlandSpringboard for the ArtsBreaking Free, and Casa de Esperanza.




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St. Paul, MN 55114 | (612) 351 8180 hello@rockwhatyougotlive.com