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Elevating the Voices of Women

Our History

Formerly the Twin Cities Women’s Expo, rebranded and reimagined for the women of today. When we acquired the expo in 2018, we knew we wanted to shift its focus towards promoting gender equality, halting stereotypes, and providing a community hub to showcase the work of women making a difference in their field. As the expo evolved, we realized people are hungry for more events that feature women’s voices. So, in 2019 we added the Pay Gap Comedy Tour and the Women’s Leadership Symposium to our event calendar. Now, we’re gearing up to expand our reach into the broadcasting world – starting with our upcoming podcast We’re Gonna Talk About It.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Rock What You Got is a social enterprise dedicated to promoting gender equality by elevating women’s voices in business, entertainment, and community. Our goal is to put all kinds of women in the spotlight to celebrate, educate, connect and inspire women everywhere. Rock What You Got is our anthem call for everyone to embrace their uniqueness and encourage others to do the same – without apology and without guilt.

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Buffie Blesi

Buffie is an entrepreneur on a mission to make an impactful difference in the struggle for gender equality by elevating the voices of women in Minnesota and beyond. Before she became an entrepreneur, Buffie led a successful career in corporate banking where she witnessed gender inequalities first-hand and came to recognize the power of building a strong network of close women who will always be there to lift each other up. After she purchased the outdated Twin Cities Women’s Expo in 2018, she knew it would need a major transformation to become the beacon of empowerment she envisioned. One summer morning, she sat down with a group of her closest friends for brunch on a patio in Minneapolis. Together they came up with the name “Rock What You Got” – an anthem call for women to be who they are and feel good about themselves, unapologetically. Since then, the Women’s Expo and all the new events and entertainment under the Rock What You Got umbrella has continued to evolve to meet the needs of women. Through all the change, Buffie’s vision remains the same: to create a space where every kind of woman can come to find educational opportunities, connect with one another, build community support, and ROCK what they got.

Because when women thrive, everyone benefits.

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